You're from St. Louis, tell us how you ended up in Atlanta?
I already knew when I finished high school in St. Louis I wanted to move to Atlanta. I had already built a few relationships there and you know, I was messing with a few artists like OJ da Juiceman. He was one of the first to get me started and then I met Gucci, Waka, Future I would take trips while I was in high school to Atlanta and my mom would drive me to see and record music
What was the first track you produced that blew up in Atlanta?
Alley Boy feat. Jeezy & Yo Gotti – Four,  and I was still in high school when that came out around 11th grade and that song helped my momentum a little more for me to meet more people and make more songs.
When you were moving with Gucci and OJ da Juiceman, what studios did you guys record at and was there other producers on the come up at that time?
Man we were always in the studio; Juiceman had a studio in East Atlanta so really most of the time in high school I would go to a hotel and go straight to the east side making beats and Juice was there was making beats there regardless with Gucci. A lotta times it was in Patchwork all day everyday and eventually he made his own studio when he was making the whole 1017 empire. I was thuggin with Peewee, Migos and all that he had his own studio memorial, there are a lot of spots to work at in Atlanta so we just be all over the place.
How did other producers come up in the game with Gucci’s influence? 
I mean its crazy, everyone put they own work in but you know even with me and a lot of people Gucci has been the best A&R period in Atlanta,Georgia. It's crazy, I met Peewee when I was with Gucci in the studio one time and he wanted to buy some beats and I was in college so he wanted to cash me out for some beats so defiantly Gucci had a great impact on all of us even if he didn’t put the person out all the way he still was there for a lot of the good shit that came out.
What is the vibe like In Atlanta right now?
Its just a creative zone that’s what it always been and I know people like to say “new Atlanta” but Atlanta has always been poppin to me but I guess it’s a little bit more trendy or cool but I believe Atlanta has always been putting out the good vibes.
The first track you heard that made you want to work with Makonnen?
I actually didn’t ask me I asked him like I was in the studio with Two 9 and Mike Will and it was just a crossover type record so I didn’t know who he was and he was there the whole time n was the only one I didn’t know and the first time he pulled up we did Tuesday, I Don’t Sell Molly No More, yeah we did a lot of crazy things that day.
You mentioned Mike Will and he just coming up to doing the Miley Cyrus so is he still in the A?
Yeah,  Mike Will is still in the A I mean he go to LA and New York but he is a lot more in Atlanta now a days. Mike came up through a lot of the similar roots that a lot of us came up, me and Southside and 808 Mafia was talking ‘bout this the other day how a lot of us came through a certain brick squad artist so it goes back to Gucci man. 
Artist that you would like to work with?
Camron, I am ready to give him a whole mixtape.
Do you keep up with producers on the scene?
I mean I am very busy making my own beats all day everyday and focused on that but when I hear someone release something ill hear it if its around and get to it organically that’s cool and I used to focus a lot on the industry’s ins and outs but whenever I stopped I started being better I don’t even think about competition or what this person sound I just stay and critique my music even on my phone I listen to what I have done recently or just did and always working on what I got going on at the same time I am never oblivious to things going on but I don’t take time listening to everything not right now.
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